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Post Mortem feature film

Post Mortem - A WWI horror

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Movie Details

A photographer, an ex-soldier of the 1st World War, goes to a small village to capture images of dead family members with live relatives as it was frequent at the time. In a place that had many deaths because of the Spanish Flu and was unable to bury their dead due to the frozen land, the village is in the hands of unfriendly ghosts. The man is going to try to help them.


Director: Péter Bergendy

Writers: Piros Zánkay, Gábor Hellerbrandt, Péter Bergendy

Stars: Viktor Klem, Fruzsina Hais, Judit Schell

Production Company: Szupermodern Stúdió

Genres: Horror, Mistery, Thriller

Release: 2020.