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Apatigris series – season 3

Apatigris - season 3

Series details

Péter (Péter Scherer), a single father, has dedicated his whole life to raising his three daughters as a stepfather. Now that Vivien (Rujder Vivien), Laura (Sára Schmidt), and Szandra (Michl Juli) are flying out and starting an independent life with their partners, Péter is also struck by the wind of freedom, and in the spirit of "the fifty is the new thirty" he himself begins a determined search for a partner. Online and offline, on dry land and water, in funny and embarrassing situations, you look for that particular needle in the haystack.


Directors: Fanni Szilágyi, István Tasnádi

Writers: Réka Dubinyák, Gáspár Fehér, Kálmán Gasztonyi, András Soós, Panna Szurdi

Stars: Sára Schmidt, Júlia Michl, Péter Scherer

Production Company: RTL Klub Televízió

Genre: Comedy


Release: 2023